High Plains, inc. Most Wanted Vodka

 When this started up, we looked at bottles of vodka, with high-quality priced at 30 dollars a bottle and thought: Why pay more for great quality.
2005- Seth Fox, President/Founder of High Plains Inc., wanted to give the hard-working people of America a product they deserved.  Most Wanted Vodka, a hard-working vodka, for the hard-working people that enjoy it. Price is kept low, while quality is kept high.  The best of both worlds.

High Plains Inc. found success with Most Wanted Vodka. ​The name "Most Wanted" comes from what's inside the bottle. Offering unmatched quality at a price anyone can afford.  Initially(2005), Most Wanted Vodka was only sold within the state of Kansas.  Since then we have branched off into other states...Missouri (2005), Illinois (2009), North Dakota (2009), California (2009), Georgia (2010), Montana (2011), Texas (2011).  

We continue to expand, following the same priciples that has driven our sucess, "High quality meets affordability". Try it for yourself, we urge you to do a taste test with any other vodka on the market against Most Wanted Vodka.  True value is a balance between price and distinction.   

​​Price is a determining factor when it comes to your alcohol.  The standard for Vodka has been, the more money you spend the better the product. We keep our price low to put more money back in your pocket. You work hard, why should you spend more money.
Seth Fox and his wife Dorcie Fox decided to start a distillery in 2005 "Just looking for a new niche."  Together with thier daughter Sierra and son Hunter Fox they have grown an idea into reality.   What they thought as "a way to pay the bills" quickly became a way to make a living. The Fox family has been in the distilling business for 7 generations, seth fox is the first to do it legally.